Performance Feature

 Good environmental protection: enclosed structure; Non-pollution. 
Energy Saving: use the flue gal (320-450¡æ)£¬which is the heating furnace discharge of heat conduction oil) ,heating the asphalt barrels equipment (eventually exhaust temperature about 150¡æ)and it’s the totally closed equipment, more continuous(open) energy saving 50%. 
Asphalt not sticky barrels: It use the flue gas( the temperature is about 320-450¡æ) heating the barrels directly, the asphalt is cleaned up totally, no waste of asphalt barrel and environment pollution. 
Automatic slag cleaning: The equipment is advanced in structure and has the function of automatic slag discharge and external slag cleaning. It solves the technical problems in the world 
Strong adaptability: Suitable for all kinds of imported and domestic barrels, even asphalt barrel deformation will not affect production
Good dehydration: Use large displacement asphalt pump for inner circulation, agitation, water vapor spill, then sucked be the induced draft fan and discharged into atmosphere, so as to achieve vacuum dehydration effect. 
Safe and reliable: The equipment adopts automatic control system, imported automatic ignition burner, it can be controlled automatically according to the oil temperature, and equipped with the corresponding monitoring instrument. 
Convenient relocation: The whole machine is assembled with large parts, easy to move and quick to assemble.